Acupuncture - Nikki Hunt
Relieve your pain effectively – supporting you become your healthiest self

Nikki specialises in the Kiiko Style of Japanese Acupuncture, which is a dynamic technique characterised by its use of a palpation sequence, that provides instant diagnosis and feedback to both the patient and practitioner.  Nikki believes in "gentle practise" and her treatments are a deeply relaxing, nurturing experiences that heal and restore the body's natural balance.  Her style and approach are well suited to those with complex health issues and those considered sensitive.


Acupuncture is a well known treatment modality for all pain conditions. It is especially effective for:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression

  • Asthma and allergies

  • Digestive and genealogical complaints

  • Autoimmune and immune issues

  • Fatigue and sleep concerns

  • Nicotine, alcohol and other addictions (see Stop Today)

  • Surgical recovery and scar therapy



Initial Consultation   Package (90min)                   $150.00

(Includes: Initial Acupuncture consultation, 30min NET session, & complimentary 20min hyperbaric chamber session, Valued at $250.00)

Follow up acupuncture consultation                     $  70.00

Follow up acupuncture & NET session                  $100.00


NET  (Neuro Emotional Technique) - Nikki Hunt & Kathryn Brooke
NET is a mind-body technique that uses a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress patterns. NET is a tool that can help improve many behavioural and physical conditions.  NET removes blocks to the natural vitalism of the body, “allowing” the body to repair itself naturally.


Nikki was one of two Australians to Certify in NET in the United States in Feb 2015.  Come and experience the process!


Useful if you are:

  • Unable to cope with stress

  • Struggling to make changes to your life

  • Finding it difficult to adjust

  • Suffering from health issues that do not get better with any type of treatment

  • Sabotaging yourself

  • Triggered by others behaviour

  • Feeling stuck - life, business, sport

  • Wanting to grow as a person



NET Consultation      (45min)                                  $100.00



Traditional Chinese Tui Na Therapy & Remedial Massage - Chenne


Chenne is an qualified traditional Chinese medicine practitioner since 1989, who also practices
Tui Na (Acupressure & Traditional Chinese Massage). She has been trained & qualified to
practise various types of massage that best suit for the individual conditions. It can bring the
balance back to your health. She offers a wide range of treatment for chronic and acute conditions. 


Health Benefits: 

Musculo-Skeletal pain ∙ Headaches ∙ Shoulder & Neck tension ∙ IBS ∙ Anxiety ∙ Lower back
pain ∙ Neurology ∙ Digestion &Sleeping Disorders ∙ Depression ∙ Fertility & Menstruation ∙
Stress Relate Issues ∙ Fibromyalgia ∙ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

All Health Fund Rebates Available Accredited member of AHPRA &

By Appointment only. Health Fund rebates available


TCM Consultation, Tui Na & Remedial Massage 

30 mins                              $  50.00

60 mins                              $  90.00  

90 mins                              $135.00



Remedial Massage - Kathryn Brooke


As well as being a Chiropractor, Kathryn is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist. She completed her Diploma in 2004 and as been massaging ever since! She's worked in both footballs clubs and and health clinics.


Depending on the client, her style shifts in-between relaxation and elbows. Kathryn believes that relaxation is paramount in what can be a very stressful world, however it is also important to correct any physical problem areas as well.


Massage is well known for the treatment of physical ailments by providing increased joint range of motion, decreased pain and better posture. Other health benefits may include: 

* Increased relaxation, which can lead to greater mental alertness and clarity

* Decreased stress levels

* Decreased anxiety

* Increased blow flow

* Decreased lymphatic congestion


Above all else, Kathryn's purpose for massaging is to increase your quality of life




45 mins                              $  70.00

60 mins                              $  90.00  



Natural Herbal Facial Treatment - Chenne

Revitalise your skin complexion - feel great!!

Chenne's herbal facial uses an ancient Chinese method that can relieve a number of
skin conditions, and leave you relaxed with skin that feels "baby soft".

The treatment includes:

  • Pre-treatment skin evaluation

  • Unique Chinese herbal face mask - freshly made per appointment

  • Deep skin cleanse & facial massage

  • Head, neck and hand massage is included

  • Special herbal oil rich in Vita E to smooth the skin tone




Premium Package 90 min                                     $150.00

Herbal Facial & Acupressure Treatment 2hr      $160.00

Herbal Facial & Foot Massage 90 min                 $140.00



Chiropractic - Dr Kathryn Brooke



Initial Consultation                                                $120.00

Under 16 Concession                                            $100.00

Standard Consultation (approx 15 min)              $55.00                                   

Under 16 Concession                                             $50.00

Extended Consultation  (approx. 30 min)           $75.00

Under 16 Concession                                             $70.00


Functional & Nutritional Medicine - Jillaine Williams

You are what you eat still holds true today however environmental toxins, metals and persistent infections are playing a more crucial role and complicating the picture. Jillaine utilises genetics, pathology and careful case taking to assist you back on track to optimal wellness. She helps to makes healing taste delicious. 


Initial Consultation 90 minutes with history review and written report $253 
Follow Up Consultations- in person or via e-mail or Skype (per half hour) $60.50

Chinese Body Mechanics/ Acupuncture - Devan Rippey

Devan's treatments use a combination of Chinese Medicine, Physical Therapy, Massage, Cupping and other hands-on modalities. With over 25 years in the health and fitness industry he has experience working with acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. He specifically works on four levels of the body; the emotional, physical, mental and the spiritual which ensures his treatments are both effective, holistic and resolve themselves quickly.  He is known for his steel like fingers, strong hands and compassionate approach.



90min Consultation   $120


Stop Today - Laser Acupuncture Stop Smoking Treatment -  
Nikki Hunt & Devan Rippey

1300 67 68 69


Laser Acupuncture has been used for more than two decades internationally to support smokers to stop smoking. Formerly Matrix Laser Clinics we have been established in Australia since 2007 and have supported thousands of people to kick the smoking habit.  


For the last several years we have branched out to work with people wanting to deal with their alcohol addiction; high stress levels; anxiety issues, phobia’s and fears.  Renamed as Stop Today. We use a highly effective three step program designed to support you through the quitting process and to help you to become a non-smoker. The three step program starts with a 1.5 hour clinical consultation and treatment that is conducted by fully qualified acupuncturists.


There is a direct link between stress and cravings.  Cravings and addictions are indications that your life is out of balance! Laser Acupuncture and the programs at Stop Today are a good way to restore balance back into your life.  For further information Stop Today.






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