Echidna Acupuncture & Natural Therapies is pleased to announce that we now provide mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Mild hyperbaric provides a pressure of 1.3 atmospheres compared to hospital hyperbaric chambers which provide 2 atmospheres.


What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen in the cells of your body. It provides your body with increased oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure. The increased oxygen helps the body to heal and may regenerate injured tissue. Injuries, stress or illness can lead to a reduction in the amount of oxygen in cells and tissues, and this can hamper the healing process. Providing the body with additional oxygen can help facilitate healing.


Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are traditionally used by divers (for the treatment of decompression sickness) and they are used in some hospitals (mainly for wounds that fail to heal, such as in diabetics, or for carbon monoxide poisoning). Recent research has shown that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can improve the function of white blood cells, making it easier for your body to fight infections. Bacteria and other pathogens find it more difficult to survive in an oxygen rich environment.


Hyperbaric oxygen also helps to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body.



How can hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefit the body?


  • Helps to accelerate and enhance wound healing. Reduces inflammation after injuries or surgery and thereby may speed healing

  • Improves the ability of the body to fight infections

  • Aids in the healing of leg or foot ulcers, particularly in diabetics

  • Improves recovery time after injuries or intense training in athletes

  • May help to increase energy levels in those with fatigue or chronic poor health resulting in low energy levels

  • Improved oxygenation of the tissues and organs of the body may slow the ageing process



Is hyperbaric oxygen therapy safe?

This is a gentle therapy that can be used regularly without the risk of oxygen toxicity. No dangerous side effects have been reported from the regular use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. You may notice a slight popping or pressure in your ears while inside the chamber; similar but milder than when ascending or descending in an aircraft.



Cautions with hyperbaric oxygen


We do not recommend that you use our chamber if you have the following –

  • Sinus infections

  • Sinus congestion

  • Sinus headaches

  • Middle ear congestion or infections

  • Glue ear

  • An acute case of the flu

  • An URTI (a cold = runny nose, fever, headache)


Also do not go up in an unpressurised aircraft on the same day of your session. This is because in people with ear/sinus congestion the increased pressure, and/or the change of pressure that occurs inside the chamber can cause discomfort in the ears and sinuses. This can be controlled within one minute by reducing the pressure; however it is best to wait until your sinus/ear problem have recovered.


How long does a session last?

A session usually lasts one hour. It is recommended that you wear loose, comfortable clothing and lie back and relax while receiving your treatment. If you want a session you can make an appointment on 07-3256 2704.


You can read a book or use a computer or iPad during the session whilst you are inside the chamber.


How much does it cost?

Cost $80.00 for one hour session. No Medicare rebate is available. Pensioner or hardship discount of $10.00 (thus session costs $70.00)



Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


hy-per-bar-ic ~ of high pressure, ‘hyper’ means increased and ‘baric’ refers to pressure

May assist with:


  • Promoting healing & function


  • Improving strength, energy & endurance


  • Reducing inflammation


  • Increasing concentration & memory


  • Alleviating tension & stress


  • Restoring balance & well being



May also benefit:


  • General well being


  • Training and event recovery


  • Chronic Illness


  • ASD


Sale : 3 sessions x 1 hour = $150


One off session         $80


Pack of 5 sessions    $375


Pack of 10 sessions  $700



Find out more about the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


The Treatment

Treatment takes place inside a specially designed inflatable chamber that uses filtered ambient (atmospheric) air with an additional oxygen concentrator to deliver oxygen to the body safely. The chamber inflates quickly and there is enough room to sit upright or to lie down comfortably. After inflation, the chamber will pressurise – a feeling similar to ascending or descending in an aircraft. During inflation and at full pressure you just breathe normally.


Sessions usually last an hour, however you can use the chamber for much longer without any adverse effects. After each session you can carry on with your day as normal – there are no restrictions. Our state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers are spacious to accommodate an adult and child or two children, and provide healing oxygen therapy in the most comfortable environment possible. The high level of oxygen promotes a deep sense of relaxation. Your heart rate and blood pressure will settle as the pressure increases helping you to relax. Whilst in the chamber, you can listen to your favourite music, meditate, read a book, use your mobile phone or laptop or simply relax and … breathe in the benefits

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